Nobody Wants To Leave This Party

QCA Studios

226 Grey Street, Southbank

1 November 2018

2018 Graduates Exhibition Catalogue

This exhibition of works addresses material agencies of painting and the body, giving equal weight to the human act of ‘making’ and the physical imperatives of materials. At the same time the artist is interested in the ways these contemporary acts of painting speak to the history of abstraction and the legacy of theatricality.  

Split composition (line), 2018, framed synthetic polymer and thread on linen, 100 x 50cm.

Untitled (drapery), 2018, ink, synthetic polymer and thread on canvas, 159 x 200cm.

Untitled (markings), 2018, liquid ink and dry-brushed gesso on board, 110 x 75cm.

'Nobody wants to leave this party' 2018 Graduates Exhibition, Queensland College of Art, Brisbane.

 © 2020 by Natalie Lavelle.

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