Materiality, Agency & The Body

QCA Galleries | Webb Gallery

Grey Street, Southbank

1 - 17 August 2019

Through intuitive and experimental methodologies, the works navigate the sensations of our experiences with the materiality of paint. By building abstract forms organically, the paintings aim to evoke their own reality as a living entity by giving exterior form to interior activity. This exhibition aims to bring reflective scale and physicality with works that negotiate a space between presence and absence; suggesting the invisible and the bodily.

Painted brush strokes and brush strokes painted, 2019, synthetic polymer on canvas, 200 x 300cm.

In my space and In my space (pink), 2019, synthetic polymer on board, 50 x 60cm each.

In my space (wrapped), 2019, synthetic polymer on canvas, 122 x 183cm.

 © 2020 by Natalie Lavelle.

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